Food allergies are getting more common in the world and are immensely requiring attention from the researchers and laypeople alike. Especially, the problem is very common with children for the reason that their immune system is not used to tolerating what it identifies as foreigner to the body. With the passage of time and with careful exposure to different foods does the system learn what to accept and what to reject.


Here are some tips to ensure food allergies do not cause trouble:

  1. Keep medication with yourself all the time. Your doctor may prescribe a medicine that you can carry wherever you go.
  2. Keep your knowledge updated about your allergy and what triggers it. Read about it and read what else is related to it.
  3. Be aware of the ingredients present in all food items you use. Labels on the packets ay help.
  4. Keep your friends and families informed about your problem to ensure they keep away particular dishes when you are around.
  5. If the allergy is not fatal or very serious, you can gradually take some mild quantities to build some resistance. But NEVER do it without your doctor’s advice.