This millennium has seen us make our lives ever so speedy with everything expedited at a fast track. But what’s alarming in such scenario is that we are losing the true sense of life itself. We barely realize how early we have started to age and reach the grave eventually.


But for those who stop, ponder and opt a redesign, here are some really useful tips that can help them live healthy, peaceful and long life. First off we ought to maintain our social lives as our forefathers or before sed to. Man is a social animal always seeking companions. Technology has tried to replace the human partners with artificial means but the efforts are not worth it. We need to make friends, trust our family members and let them trust us, marry, have children and let this natural process of aging socially take its due course.

Moreover we need to keep our bodies and mind in good shape. Diet with all the right ingredients is essential. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and lesser amount of meat are the best diet. People who live healthier consume more fish and chicken than other meats. Sitting most of the day is an evil in itself as our bodies are meant to burn energy moving purposefully and performing physical tasks. Lastly, water in-take and proper amount of sleep is the key to staying young and healthy. If your sleep is disturbed you are sure to host diseases.

Few tricks can really make a mammoth of a difference.