Journal: The Open Cybernetics & Systemics Journal

Author(s): Jiahang Yuan, Cunbin Li



In order to restore power to out-of-service areas quickly, this paper proposes a new service restoration decision-making algorithm for a distribution network. First, using heuristic rules, a candidate service restoration scheme set is generated. Considering the target of service restoration, five evaluation indices are introduced, including the quantities of restored load and transferred load, the margin of load capacity, the rate of load balancing, and the switching times of circuit breakers. Second, because of the problem of fuzzy measure identification, interaction between attributes, and the requirements for consistency with group decision making, this study defines the Shapley value identification method based on the Mahalanobis-Taguchi system and interval fuzzy preference relations. The fuzzy measure is obtained by the Shapley value, and the decision-making model is constructed by the Choquet integral with φs transformation function. Finally, an example application proves that the method is feasible and effective for decision making. Compared with the other method, the results verify the superiority of the decision process and show that it is consistent with the real conditions of post-fault restoration in a smart distribution network.

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