Journal: The Open Electrical & Electronic Engineering Journal

Author(s): Zakaria Bouzoubaa, Aziz Soulhi, Jamila El Alami, Noureddin El Alami




In this paper, we propose the Development of a knowledge-based expert system applied to Electricity distribution Network maintenance.


The expert system utilizes the Matlab® platform, using its proprietary Fuzzy Logic Toolbox. The inputs to the expert system are the different situations related to cost variables to and the implementation of one of the maintenance optimizing solutions pertaining to the Live Work-Redundancy-Simultaneity-Security model as defined by the maintenance unit during a the global life cycle of the equipment. The output of the system indicates the economic feasibility and benefit of the solution to be adopted of for our Maintenance model. Application of the expert system methodology is shown as a simulation.


The expert system may be of valuable assistance to utility engineers or asset managers in making strategic maintenance decisions such as “Economic solution”.

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