RESEARCH ARTICLE – “Initial Clinical Presentation of Cervical Cancer Patients at Pietersburg Hospital, South Africa (2012-2014)”

Author: Tebogo Maria Mothiba et al. 

Journal: The Open Public Health Journal



Cervical cancer, compared to other types of cancers, is a leading cause of death for women; and is a serious public health problem in both developed and developing countries.


The aim of the study was to determine the initial clinical presentation of cervical cancer patients at the Pietersburg Hospital, Limpopo Province in South Africa.


This was a quantitative, retrospective study conducted to examine the records of cervical cancer patients from January 2012 to December 2014 at the Pietersburg hospital.


The results indicated that most patients, particularly the elderly, presented for the first time at the hospital with advanced stages of cervical cancer. Factors, such as age and place of residence contributed to late presentation. Most patients with advanced stage cervical cancer were from Sekhukhune and Vhembe Districts.


There is a need for improved data capturing of information about marital status and parity to further assess the influence these variables might have on the clinical presentation of cervical cancer. Furthermore, availability and facilities for screening should be improved because early detection of cervical cancer prevents progression to advanced stage of the disease. More awareness campaigns about risk factors of cervical cancer should be implemented.

Reflection of FIGO stages of cervical cancer [20]

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