CASE REPORT: Epinucleus Scraping: Safe New Phacoemulsification Technique for Rock-Hard Cataracts

Author: Aki Kondo

Journal Name: The Open Ophthalmology Journal



Phacoemulsification of rock-hard cataracts is challenging because the leathery epinucleus at the posterior plate often found in such cataracts tends to prevent smooth dissection of the nucleus. We devised an Epinucleus scraping technique to overcome this problem.


The epinucleus is initially stripped of the hard endonucleus using a new instrument. The isolated endonucleus can then be readily chopped and divided with a phaco chopper or in the usual manner.


Phacoemulsification of rock-hard cataracts can be carried out safely and easily with epinucleus scraping technique.

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