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“Hospital Mortality Among Elderly Patients Admitted With Neurological Disorders Was Not Predicted by any Particular Diagnosis in a Tertiary Medical Center”

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“BMI and Waist Circumference Have Positive Correlation With Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number in Young Adult Male”


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PRESS RELEASE: “Preliminary analysis of the influence of reinforced mortar coating”

This article by A.S. Guimarães et al is published in The Open Civil Engineering Journal, Volume 12, 2018

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This work presents an extensive characterisation of materials and components used in non-structural masonry constructions in the region of Pernambuco, Brazil. The occurrence incidence of diverse several kinds of accidents in buildings constructed with resistant masonry in the Region Metropolitan of Recife has drawn the attention of the regional and national technical community to the need to adopt measures to minimize such events. This kind of masonry in buildings has as one of its most important characteristics the use ofhas non-structural units in masonry walls that will are unable to carry loading beyond its own weight. Such type of construction is found with relative frequency in under developing developed countries as and is a key feature of public solutions to the housing deficit of these countries.

Several pathological manifestationsconstruction faults have been reported, in the lastrecent years, and in some cases, there have been reports reported collapses with human deaths. An experimental study was carried out on running bond of red clay prisms, of two and three ceramic blocks, with and without cement mortar coating, each subjected to axial compression in order to enhance the capacity of masonry.

The experimental preliminary results indicate an increase in both in the compressive load capacity of the coated prisms and in those that use coatings based on reinforced mortar, not complying with the specifications of conventional structural mortar. The increase observed in the load related to the reinforcement of the coated 2 block prisms was approximately 166% and for 3 block prisms it was of 107%. The ratio of the maximum average loads of 2 block prisms and 3 block prisms was near one, showing to be equivalent two-2 blocks and three 3 block prisms. Finally, several types of rupture were observed in the prisms, and it is not possible to define a typical rupture form. On the other hand, the lateral detachment ruptures inof the coating layers were frequent.

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Topical 1% Propranolol in Liposomal Gel: A New Adjuvant Tool for Chronic Leprosy Ulcers



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Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Triazole Schiff’s Base Derivatives as Potential Antitubercular Agents


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Analyzing the Fluctuations of Atmospheric Precipitable Water in Iran During Various Periods Based on the Retrieving Technique of NCEP/NCAR

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0.1MG/ML Tamoxifen Gel Improves Plaque Psoriasis. An Open Study

Author: Ayman Abdelmaksoud

Journal: The Open Dermatology Journal

Histological view of patient 2 incisional biopsy. H&E 10x.

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CASE REPORT: “Nivolumab Induced Acute Severe Toxicity in Lung Adenocarcinoma”

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Analysis and Validation of a New Access System to the Airport Salerno-Costa D’Amalfi

Author: Francesca Pagliara

Journal: The Open Transportation Journal


Airport accessibility is an important criterion for airport choice and therefore also for an airport competition. When users choose an itinerary, they think about the transport chain from an origin to a destination. Therefore, the variables having an impact on their decision for a given alternative go beyond the price and quality of air services from one airport to another. The decision for or against a given air service and a given airport is to a certain extent dependent on the accessibility of the airport.

The objective of this manuscript is to propose an analysis and a validation of a new access system to the airport Salerno-Costa d’Amalfi in Campania region, in the south of Italy, due to its growing development. Three different scenarios are proposed and simulated. Performance indicators are provided in order to quantify the effects of the alternative interventions aiming at improving the accessibility of the airport itself. Policy-makers may be interested in a more accessible airport since these interventions may have impacts on the regional socioeconomic development.

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